Beautiful actress of Mohabbatain has changed alot to recognize

In Bollywood, the actress has to pay a lot of attention to both her figure and fitness. If you want to survive in Bollywood, it’s very important for actresses to maintain their fitness and figure properly, due to this; quite a lot of actress gives attention to it. They keep their fitness up to the lengthy lifespan.

But it has been seen so many times that after making the distance from the films, some actresses do not pay any attention to their fitness and because of this; it is difficult to recognize them quite often.

So today we are going to introduce you with a Bollywood actress who looked very fit at a time, but as soon as she made a film out of the movie, she changed everything. Yes guys, we are talking today about the actress Pretty Preeti Jhangiani of Bollywood film ‘Mohabbatain’. As you all remember, Preeti was looking very beautiful in the film and her beauty is attracting millions Imagine sat over.

The film was released in 2000 and during that time, the film had made a huge amount of money at the box office. Actress Preeti, who plays Kiran in the film, has completely disappeared from Bollywood. Let us tell you that Preeti was born in Mumbai in the Sindhi family, she started her career with a music album.

Talking about acting, she had first stepped into the industry from Malayalam film Muhabbatain but he got a big break from the movie ‘Mohabbatain’. In this film people had loved her innocence and impressed very much with this beautiful girl from Bollywood. Even after this, she did not have any other films.

For your information we tell you that Preeti married model and actor Pravin Dabas on March 23, 2008. On April 11, 2011, Preeti gave birth to the son Javets. After that, she also made a distance from Bollywood and gave hers family all of her time. Preeti spends her maximum time with her son. Today, watch pictures of her, one can imagine herself that how much she has changed.

See some more photos of her

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