Photo poses of Cute Nidhi Agarwal

Photo poses of Nidhi Agarwal are right here, she makes her debut with the movie “Munna Michel” with Tiger Sharoof in the Bollywood. She was grown up in the beautiful city of Bangalore India. She was the contestant of Miss Diva Beauty Pageant in the year 2014. She is holding the Graduation in the business management and she also loves to give photo poses. She is also a trend dancer in Belle, Hip Hop and Belly Dance. She always wanted to become an actress in her life. She is busy with her second movie in the Bollywood now days and she was shocked on her first day at the set when she met with Mr. Vishal. She is very perfect with her dancing steps but on that day she was unable to perform, after while she relaxed herself and then gave her dancing performance.

After putting her step in the Bollywood in “Muna Michel” along Tiger Short our beautiful Nidhi Agarwal is going to experience the South movies in near future. Infect this rising star of Bollywood is going for her debut in the South movies. Although her first ever movie could not get a huge response in the box office but she got so much fame after it. She also signed her second movie in the Bollywood and going for a debut in South movies.

About her entry in the film industry she explains that, “she did not have any relations with industry, she belongs to a business family and it was very hard for her to get in”. She decided to come in the film industry from years ago but now she is very nervous about her work that whether people will like it or not. Whenever she watches her photo poses on some poster, she feels very happy. She is very lucky because she got chances in her life to achieve her goals.

In the recent times Nidhi Agarwal rejected to work in the advertisement of a top beauty brand. This beauty brand asked her for photo poses and work in the ad of their face wash. She believes that beauty a very sensitive issue that’s why she could not preach it, although she was offered a handsome amount for it.

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