Shahrukh Khan’s little princess and an important Indian Cricketer, finds photos

Today, if a cricketer lays a date to a Bollywood Actress, then it is not a new thing. Today there are such stories that if a cricketer is with an actress. Today we talk to you about this cricketer who has some feeling about the daughter of Bollywood stars.

So today we are going to talk to you about Shahrukh’s beautiful daughter Suhana who very much likes an India cricketer. Suhana Khan, who has a great fan following on social media and is also very cute in watching, is very active on social media and shares many of her pictures,

Tell you more that Suhana was born on May 22, 2000. She is going to be 18 years old soon Suhna lives in the news for her beautiful look.

Suhana Khan also loves cricket and she has also seen a lot of cricket matches with her father. Tell you that during an interview, cricketer Hardik Pandya had said that Suhana Khan is very much interested in him but now she is in Bollywood there is no movie yet for her.


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