Summan Sheikh an uprising star and vocalist of Pakistan

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Summan Sheikh an uprising star of Pakistan

Summan Sheikh is an uprising vocalist of Pakistan. She is a beautiful lady with few God gifted talents in her. We can surely rank Pakistan on the top of the list of classical singing. Pakistani singers have their own standards in the international world. Summan Sheikh started her career five years ago. She belongs to the historical city of Multan. Soil of Multan gave Pakistan a lot of talented lady and male persons who contributed a major role in the film industry.

After completing her basic studies Summan Sheikh got her graduation degree from Multan and started to learn the singing properly. Her teacher was Ustad Daleep Kumar who belongs to a classical singer’s family. She is proud of her teacher and tries to apply all her learning in to creativity. She also acknowledges the efforts of her teacher who helped her in the field of singing. She released her five hit songs in the industry which are “Billo Da Dunia Joor Nae”, “Sajna Way Aa Ja”, “Jera Shadi Tey Paroona Aaya Hoya Aye” and a national song “My Hero Pakistani”.

She is involved in many television channels but on the other hands she is not satisfied with the situation of Pakistani film industry Lollywood. Summan Sheikh is also not impressed with the Indian TV channel’s soaps and seems angry with the politicians who took a lot of media time for the political talks. Due to politicians, public got engaged with them and people got less times for the other TV programs. It does not matter how far your destination is but if you show your full commitment and determination and no one can stop your to achieving your goals. It is said that talent makes its own way to the success so you need to carry on your hard work. We wish Summan Sheikh all the very best for her future engagements, programs and life.

 Sajjna Way Aa Ja HD Song of Suman

Dholna Rogi Nain way HD Song of Summan

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