Sushmita Sen was abused by a young boy during award ceremony

According to the Indian media reports, former Miss Universe and Bollywood actor Sushmita Sen has said that during the awards ceremony, the boy got abused with me and he felt that because of being crowded I could not find him but it was his misunderstanding and I caught him red hand immediately and I was surprised to see that the boy was just 15 years old.

Sushmita Sen further said that I took this boy away and told him that if I want, I can teach you everything about your movement and destroy your life. The acteress said that initially that boy refused to accept his mistake, but when I expressed anger, he realized his mistake and said, “I will never do this anymore.”

The acctress further added that I did not take any action against the boy because I knew he was a 15-year-old boy whose parents did not teach that such movement was not fun but it was a crime.

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